VR glove startup says Meta’s recently unveiled prototype is ‘substantively identical’ to their own device

Facebook, errr Meta, showed off a new prototype haptic feedback glove yesterday, which they detailed could eventually bring a new generation of AR/VR users closer than they’ve ever been to digital content. Today, a VR startup with that same mission called HaptX (which we’ve covered here before) released a fairly aggressive statement accusing Meta of showing off a prototype that was “substantively identical” to their own patented technology.

The statement from HaptX CEO Jake Rubin further detailed that his startup has shown off their technology over the years to “many engineers, researchers, and executives from Meta,” and that they were not consulted by the company on this latest project. “While we have not yet heard from Meta, we look forward to working with them to reach a fair and equitable arrangement that addresses our concerns and enables them to incorporate our innovative technology into their future consumer products,” Rubin notes.

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